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‘Celebrate Good Times’ with Nicky Signature Cakes

Heards Vice President Megen Elise

Everyone has a calling in life, whether we know what it is currently or whether we’re still trying to find 

it, there is something we were all made to do. Without tooting my own horn too loudly, I believe I am 

a Jack of all Trades. One of my blessed gifts is the gift of taste. I am an honorary connoisseur of all food 

sweet and tasty. Being as though I am hereditarily a junk food junkie and I’m addicted to desert, it was 

only fitting that I deliver the news that tasty and beautiful cakes come out of the Nicky Signature Cakes’ 

kitchen. Nicky Shropshire of Marietta, GA definitely has found her calling; to help others celebrate life. 

Whatever your occasion, or purpose, she can create a beautifully delicious work of art for your event. 

“That’s my desire, to celebrate life,” expressed Nicky. She shared with me, “There was an inspiration 

to celebrate life. Throughout my life I have come across so much death, that I wanted to celebrate the 

people around me. And what’s a celebration without cake?” she says. “I have lost a lot of people in my 

life, from murder, suicides to cancer. But the latest death was a friend in November 2010. She lost her 

teenage daughter to heart failure. That one caught me off guard, I had just seen her before she went 

in for a checkup and she looked fine! The next thing I heard was that she was dead! I really thought I 

was going to see her the next week, so it really and truly hit me! You don’t know when it’s your last 

breath! Three months later, a friend was having her 18th birthday, which my other friend would have loved to be celebrating her daughter’s birthday, I told her I was baking her cake. So I did a frog cake (she’s obsessed with frogs). Then another friend was having her birthday, her parents never celebrate her birthday so I made her a cake.”


Nicky Signature Cakes all started with birthday cakes. “The More I was making cakes, the more people 

wanted to see them. So I did a Facebook page, I get A LOT of orders on Facebook, but I’m moving it over to a website, so people can do all the ordering there. Cakes are what I’m good at, and it’s what makes the biggest impact. The more people saw and heard the more people wanted to celebrate their lives, like the person before them. It really just evolved. I asked Nicky if she always knew she’d be a great baker. “No, being a baker was so not something that even crossed my mind as something I was going to do in life. Growing up, all I wanted to be was an attorney.” I found out that her bakery became an official business just last February, and has exploded into a great success. “In 2010, I did a 3 year paralegal program in one year (as a wife and mother of two). Towards the end of the school year, a classmate said she was going to check out the cake decorating class. I made fun of her and told her that those classes were for old people. January rolled around and I had so much time on my hands. I knew I wanted to have a classroom setting but nothing that involved books! So I found a hobby store and I did a basic class that lasted four weeks (once a week) and it all came so natural for me. It was easy and surprisingly, it looked good! So I checked out the next class. Three weeks into my class, I was asked by a friend to do a wedding cake for an event she was doing. I had no idea what I was doing but it turned out amazing! Then there was another event that I ended up doing a cake for and that also turned out amazing. Some people didn’t even know it was a cake, it was a job well done! During this time I had some questions for the instructor of the class. But being that she probably gets paid per person that signs up for the class, she wasn’t willing to answer my questions, she told me to come to her next class. Well I didn’t have time to wait for that, so I went on YouTube and taught myself everything I needed to know.” 


Now, I also bake, at home. I make the best Duncan Hines boxed cake you ever did taste, but it took 

me some time to learn how to make rice without making it too al-dente or rice soup. I am pleased to 

inform you that I have mastered the rice. I’ve been working very diligently in the kitchen and I am a 

wonderful cook now, and I can add it to my resume’ next to box cake. Mrs. Nicky on the other hand says 

she is a great cook aside from baking great cakes. “Can I cook? Yes, I can, I’ve been cooking A LOT longer than I’ve been baking. I can hold my own in the kitchen. Outside of baking, my favorite dish to make 

would defiantly have to be curry chicken. But I just prefer to bake and create edible art for people’s 

celebrations. And besides, why cook when I have a husband at home that loves and enjoys cooking, and 

he’s one heck of a cook! I don’t go out to eat much because he’s just that good!” Lucky lady she is, to 

have a chef in the kitchen at home.


We’ve had the great pleasure of enjoying some of Nicky Signature Cakes and the only thing we could say was “Mmmmmmm!!!!!” Everything was so delicious!! I think we had a moment of euphoria after each 

bite. She served us ‘Simply Divine with Good Ole Vanilla Butter crème,’ which is a melt in your mouth 

vanilla cake with vanilla butter crème icing. The icing wasn’t too sweet which can happen with butter 

crème but her icing was light and had a whipped like texture that complimented the cake perfectly. 

It really was perfect for a wedding cake. Next we got to taste her Chocolate Essence with Chocolate 

Mocha Butter crème; another mouth watering experience. The chocolate cake was just delightful! 

And chocolate is my personal favorite cake on the planet. She paired the moist deliciousness with a 

chocolate mocha butter crème icing which again, “Mmmm!” Absolutely tasty, neither the chocolate 

flavor nor the mocha flavor was over powering. It was smooth and creamy and great! Lastly we got to 

taste her ‘Strawberry Sin-Sation with French Vanilla icing’ and handmade fondant. The overall consensus 

was, “YUM!!!” The overall Heard Magazine family favorite was the ‘Simply Divine’, it was just fantastic. 

We talked about that flavor way after we had left. Nicky definitely has an unmistakable gift. If I had to 

pick one for my cake, I would just get all three because they were all great. 


I wanted to know what her signature flavors where. “I have three flavors: my signature, my classic 

and my seasonal. Chocolate Snow with Strawberry Essence, Strawberry Sin-Sation with French Vanilla 

Butter crème, and the Chocolate Twist with a hint of Chocolate Butter crème.” I assumed the strawberry 

essence was probably her #1 seller but she says, “They are all equally desired. The hardest part for 

people is picking one flavor. So a lot of people normally pick 2-3 flavors for their cakes.” I can definitely 

understand their challenge with picking just one. It can’t be done, you have to have a few flavors, or 

you’re doing yourself an injustice. Where do you see ‘Nicky Signature Cakes in the 5 years? She answers, 

“Owning a couple of bakeries.” With cakes this delicious and business taking off the way it has, I’m not 

a physic or anything like one but I can see Mrs. Nicky S’s bakery business doing very well. A franchise 

of ‘Nicky Signature Cakes’ would be so great! Everyone needs to bear witness to such sweet blissfulness. I told you I’m a fat kid when it comes to deserts, and Nicky Signature Cakes is an absolute must when 

you’re in Atlanta. Nicky shared with us that her biological mother was a baker as well. Just as I inherited 

the gift to appreciate the tastes of great desert, she obviously inherited the gift to create beautiful and 

interesting pieces of delicious art. Fat kids like me wouldn’t know what to with ourselves without Nicky 

and Nicky Signature Cakes. 


Nicky doesn’t stop at baking and designing cakes, she and her bakery is an advocate in her 

community. She works with young adults, ages 18-28. “There is a ministry that I am on staff for to 

launch in January..., we are all about providing a safe, fun, healthy, environment at our local church 

for those 'challenging decision making' years so that they will be equipped with the tools they need to 

grow up to be good strong, well adjusted adults. And Nicky Signature Cakes plays a HUGE part in that.” 

This is why we love Mrs. Nicky Shropshire, because her efforts and commitment to giving back is right 

in line with our efforts and mission here at Heard Magazine. I believe you can’t reach your optimum 

success unless you remember where you came from and try to make it better for the generations after you. 


It’s apparent that Nicky Signature Cakes is going far and not only because her cakes are scrumptious!

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Megen Elise 2014

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