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Updated: Mar 12, 2019

PSAHeard Magazine and life have gone a long way. Started from the bottom and & steadily rising to the top. Life is full of uphill battles, struggle, stress, dark storms, love, peace, loyalty, and happiness,we just have to stay on our paths and know who is fully on our side and who just came along for the ride. God is always looking out on the other side. Keep the faith, keep striving to support the ones you love and make it to a dreamland you've always fantasized. You have to put in work and prove to yourself that you are worthy of the cause to give back through business or the simplest ways. Every year #InfiniteRoyalty will grow and new business, actions, guidelines, goals, and networking will always take place. #InfiniteRoyalty is a brand created to flourish all for one & one for all. Money is the root to all evil, we need to figure out ways to help one another like a kingdom should. So stick around in life you never know what will happen, where my next moves are, whether modeling, rapping & singing with Maybach Music, photography, community service in different cities throughout the world, creating large business ventures that require reliable staff members, going deeper into creating foundations (Dreams-Come-True) , non profit orgs (Imagine-That), and working with more celebrities and hard working go getters every time. Everything will be LARGER thAN LIFE . So thank you to everyone in the industry for supporting Heard Magazine and my Marketing campaigns as well as motivations and inspirational vibes I try to emit into the atmosphere for anyone who is feeling down or sacrificing most of their lives to survive and take care of their families & selves, as well as those who are exactly where they love that they have reached. I love supporters, people with goals, drive, plans and actions to proceed in getting there. Lets Work together in ways that build a better tomorrow...ALWAYS REMEMBER things don't happen over night, it may take years and months and patience to expand the empire, but faith in God and yourself will lead you very far and take you on the path of righteousness. #LOVE ❤ ALWAYZ @SKYMILES3 instagram & twitter💋Sky.Miles3 on Snapchat

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