20 years of


We have the know-how you need.

Infinite Royalty LLC Marketing & Sales Consultation Firm 

20 years of


We have the know-how you need.

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Infinite Presence

Infinite Royalty LLC provides outgoing, presentable, and hardworking brand ambassadors, Infinite Royalty Dj's & emcees, for events & promotions throughout the United States. Whether your event takes place in our primary state,Virginia, we service Atlanta, Boston, Florida, Virgin Islands, California, plus. We will make your event a success! A constantly growing database consisting of numerous event marketers, enables Us to provide you w/ a great team available to travel.


Infinite Speed

Infinite Royalty LLC realizes the fast-paced event marketing industry requires flexibility & the capability to make last-minute changes when information is presented in depth of needs & wants to execute events. We are ready to help execute your event whether your program takes place in weeks or just one day. Infinite Royalty LLC’s customized event software & graphic design capabilities enables us to fulfill your event needs quickly & effectively.


Infinite Quality

Infinite Royalty LLC understands that each event is different, so your program requirements are as well. We listen to your needs & delivers the right individual(s) to promote at the event. Whether your needs include people who are Bilingual or individuals who work as Emcee, we will customize your team to exceed your expectations. We also provide backups for events to ensure you always have a full Squad or individual to ensure everything runs smoothly. Infinite Royalty LLC believes that investments in your program are imperative to a long-standing and high-quality working relationship.

About Us

Infinite Royalty LLC Marketing & Sales Consulting Firm is highly skilled in understanding what motivates customers, how to target an audience, and what measures a business can put in place to more effectively reach their desired consumers. Infinite Royalty helps clients use analytics, technology, and data to explore the present state of their business seeing how they can more effectively engage existing customers over the long-term. This is done by going above & beyond simply advertising or public relations with beliefs in innovation,constant creation, & evolution of solutions that meet the needs of the contemporary customer.

Infinite Royalty takes a more holistic view of a business based on analytics and the development of strategic objectives by combining inventive thinking, research, collaboration in execution, and agility. Unlike any other Marketing or Sales Consultation Firms we take on the role of an advertising consultant because we help companies find innovative, creative ways to reach NEW POTENTIAL CONSUMERS & MARKETS within the framework of one campaign or a short-term objective with our events & promotions role. We focus on helping companies grow their revenue and improve their performance with end-to-end marketing solutions, as well as sales solutions. Infinite Royalty not only implements strategies; but also measures the effectiveness of said strategies to refine marketing plans over time. Infinite Royalty is always focused on creating client relationship, results that deliver value.


Our customer strategy and marketing services focus on creating growth by uncovering and implementing the best ways to reach customers. We pride ourselves in being a company where people, their unique ideas, and positive personalities are crucial aspects to our approach in superior marketing & sales. The ultimate goal of all services is to improve performance and gain market share focusing on the creation of real results with a significant impact. Our two primary zones that lead to customer demand are 'sales and marketing,' giving us an incredibly deep understanding of these areas, and marketing services ideal for businesses in any industry all working toward the shared goal of creating a positive impact. Customers are the source of real growth. Infinite Royalty combines in-depth customer insights with practical expertise in operations and economics to help our clients create sustainable, organic growth. Applying an outside-in perspective and helping clients achieve growth are fundamental to our approach.

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Infinite Customer Service

Infinite Royalty LLC is focused on making your experience with us great so you know you are forever apart of the team! We are excited & prepared to quickly arrange the right team for your event or experiential program. 24/7 contact guarantees you can get your questions answered & your needs fulfilled any time of the day. Infinite Royalty LLC is always available to provide support in the way you nee.


Infinite Philosophy

Infinite Royalty LLC’s simple focus is on quickly providing superior event teams throughout the country, supporting client needs & desires is at the core of how we operate. Your happiness is a guarantee of our success & we do whatever necessary to ensure all client events execute perfectly from speed, quality, & customer service standpoints. Our staff were former talent in the field to learn primary consumer behavior tactics & more in executing events. Give us a try. You will be impressed with what we can show & offer.


If you run a small to large business, you may not have time to dedicate all to the #1 attraction of customers,marketing. When you’re wearing so many hats to validate business it can be difficult to focus extensively on one task. Sometimes in the “do it all yourself” world of small business it’s difficult to spot the areas that require help.

We give you a tactical foundation on which to build your public relations, advertising, events, networks, outcomes, & business. Our consultants are magicians to fix your marketing & sales whether your product or service make sense or not to the outside world! If it calls for it,we'll think outside of the box in an insane fashion as an Albert Einstein for you. Science is key! 

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